Hello, my name is
Alisandro Hadrovic and
I’m a Professor of graphic design
& visual communication
since 2008.


How, where and in which way can brand be activated? I'm elaborating creative brand activation plan on a daily base, taking into account the brand strategy, the target and the budgets.

  1. Digital printing : every serious brand deserves the best quality and flexibility in printing services.
  2. Mobile activation : this devision stands for everything that’s related to a “brand’s visibility’: car stickering, the production of banners or even the wrapping up of complete front walls.
  3. Design & development : I'm creating custom-made designs for websites, multimedia projects, social media applications, corporate identities, brochures, flyers, invitations and services.


Graphic design plays an important role in society by marketing ideas, products and services. I belive in taking the moral high ground and only producing design for good. Wherever possible I promise to:
  1. Only provide graphic design for companies, organization or individuals who work to benefit humans, animals or the environment.
  2. Never do business with an unethical or immoral organization.
  3. Run our business as kindly to the environment as possible.
  4. We promise to be nice, friendly and honest to people.
Get in touch to find out how nice we can be!


I'm tryng to provide low-cost design primarily for charities, campaign groups, activists, ethical companies and all sorts of other nice people. I'm proudly only work for clients who are totally free from human, animal and environmental exploitation.
So why I belive that the people trying to make our world a better place should be supports and we believe those people deserve cutting edge, creative design but don’t deserve the price tag that usually follo


It considers the environmental impacts of graphic design products (such as packaging, printed materials, publications, etc…)throughout a life cycle that includes: raw material; transformation; manufacturing: transportation; use; and disposal
I'm engaged in sustainable practice use techniques, processes, and materials that will help reduce the detrimental environmental, social, and economic impact of their designs as the Triple Bottom Line. When subjecting a design to a sustainability audit, a designer might consider:
  1. Reducing the amount of materials requires for production.
  2. Using paper and materials made with recycles, post-consumer waste.
  3. Printing with low-Voc inks.
  4. What production methods require the least amount of transport.
  5. Which vendors use renewable energy.
  6. If the product can fulfill more than one purpose.
  7. If the end-product is biodegradable or recyclable.
  8. If the end product can be replaced by a digital, rather than printed format.
  9. Just-in-time production to reduce number of untis produced and warehoused.
  10. Which vendors sell products by third party NGOs.